Universal Mediation Interface

Universal Mediation Interface-Seamless
Integration of BNS and IP endpoints


Today, corporate BNS networks are often isolated from their IP network. Important Network Elements on the BNS network are inaccessible to IP endpoints and important Network Elements on the IP network are inaccessible to BNS endpoints.This disunion of network devices hinders daily productivity. Corporate network evolution becomes more complicated and strenuous when the current network is not one cohesive unit. Connectivity between a BNS network and an IP network is accomplished using the Universal Mediation Interface Module (UMI).

What is the Universal Mediation Interface?

The UMI is both a replacement and enhancement of the LCS60 product. It allows both synchronous and asynchronous endpoints connected to a BNS network to access endpoints on an IP network. Similarly, endpoints on an IP network can access both synchronous and asynchronous endpoints on a BNS network.


The UMI can be located anywhere in both the BNS and IP networks, simplifying the configuration, administration, and maintenance without affecting operation or connectivity.


The UMI supports the notion of a Closed User Group (CUG).This is an important feature for protecting sensitive endpoints in a corporate wide network without the burden of special "security servers".

Hunt Groups

The UMI supports the concept of a Hunt Group which allows it to receive calls at a common address.

Host Name Mapping

The UMI can maintain a set of mnemonic host names for dialing the IP network.This allows the UMI to perform a translation between a user provided name and its associated IP address and TCP port number.



Field Software Update

Field software updates, which can occur from a remote location, take place while the UMI is in service and transporting data. Upgrade the UMI as new features and enhancements come out.



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