DT-6061 Embedded Network Processor

TN-3270-A Low Cost Solution for
BiSync Client / Host Access


BiSync Client to Host connectivity has just taken a drastic price cut! Before you add costly BNS-2000 interface modules and software for BiSync host access within your network, consider these points:

  • Does a lower cost solution exist?
  • Does the solution support migration away from BNS legacy products?
The answer is yes on both points when you consider the DT-6061 or DT-6160 Application Processor with the TN-3270 Server Application.
  What are DT-6061 and DT-6160?

The DT-6061 and DT-6160 are embedded Network Processors which applies customer specific protocol operations (protocol translation and termination) of network connections that require that functionality in a distributed network.

What is the TN-3270 Server Application?

The TN-3270 Server application of the DT-6061 or DT-6160 will allow a 3270 emulation client server to access a host via a BNS Sync8 BiSync Host Interface (BHI) module. It is designed to replace the TN-3270 DKAP application in either an integrated or a non-BNS environment.



The above diagram depicts a configuration involving a TN-3270 client in an integrated (IP and BNS) environment. As such, it would replace the TN-3270 DKAP module. A future DT-6061/6160 BHIM Application will allow for the complete elimination of BNS-2000 from the BiSync Client/Host circuit.

Multi-Application Support

The DT-6061 and DT-6160 supports a multitude of applications. It has the ability to support simultaneous operation of different applications There is no interaction between applications except that they share the same hardware and operating environment.


Smart Network Management

The DT-6061 or DT-6160 Platform and TN-3270 Server Application can be managed via the DT-6061 Console port, a terminal, PC dial-up modem, a BNS async connection.

Field Updates

As new applications as well as application updates become available, the DT-6061 or DT-6160 can be updated using an industry standard FTP application.


As you migrate the corporate network from BNS legacy devices towards IP-based devices, consider this low cost solution that remains as a part of your network even after the BNS network diminishes.


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