CBM CO/SAM Integral Modem (SAM/IM)


The CBM CO/SAM Integral Modem (SAM/IM) provides a much more cost effective and reliable alternative to the traditional method of point to point CO/SAM trunking connections. Prior to the introduction of the SAM/IM technology, the common method for point to point dual facility trunking (56k or fractional T1) was to install dual external modems and failsafe switching equipment at both the data center and central office locations.

The "old" method for dual facility connections required the purchase of 4 modems and 2 failsafe switches for every CO/SAM trunk connection. The installation of this equipment in the central office was time consuming and expensive, but also required precious relay rack space, separate DC power fusing/wiring and front equipment drawing updates. The data center side required expensive rack mount equipment and precious floor space.

CBM has engineered the SAM/IM module so that it integrates the dual 56kb modems and failsafe switching technology on a single printed circuit card that is small enough to be installed inside the CO/SAM located in the central office and inside the Lucent Technologies Datakit node located in the data center.

The SAM/IM module provides the most efficient and cost effective method for quickly deploying CO/SAMs that require reliable redundant trunk connections.

CBM CO/SAM Integral Modem


CBM CO/SAM Integral Modem

The New CBM Alternative!

The new CBM SAM/IM alternative for deploying CO/SAMs provides reliable dual trunking connection for an incredibly low price and in and extremely small package. The SAM/IM requires no additional costs for, or space dedicated to, CSU/DSU or A/B switch mounting shelves/racks, fuse panels or cables. CBM will even trade in your old equipment if you would like to upgrade your current network.



Growing CO/SAM network element connections in the central office has never been easier or more cost effective than it is today. Let CBM help you leverage your Lucent BNS/VCS Datakit network investment by adding new technology that will extend the useful life of your network for many years to come. The SAM/IM ... another great technology idea from CBM.


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