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Pancho-16 Patch Panel

CBM of America's newest family member of unique patch panel technology products is the perfect companion for Cisco routers. CBM Pancho-16 is a non-powered 16 port interconnection patch panel that operates with Cisco's popular 16 port (NM-16A) and 32 port (NM-32A) asynchronous modules. It not only eliminates the need for cumbersome octal cable assemblies, but more importantly, CBM Pancho-16 provides each port with its own front patch panel switch that allows for simple DTE / DCE mode selection. CBM Pancho-16's unique design makes it the perfect patch panel for quick and simple installations of asynchronous connections. By eliminating the requirements for octal cables, DTE / DCE adapters, and   special turnover cabling, network elements can be consistently installed with ease and minimal effort. The CBM Pancho-16 patch panel is also designed to fit ideally within the Central Office in order to satisfy quality installation requirements. Designed to reduce the many points of failure that are traditionally associated with octal cables and terminal adapters, CBM Pancho-16 patch panel increases network reliability and greatly simplifies trouble shooting efforts. CBM Pancho-16 patch panel is the most cost effective choice. CBM Pancho-16's cabling solution is priced less than the comparable dual octal cable alternative. CBM Pancho-16 is truly the most reliable Cisco companion of all.

Why Choose the CBM Pancho-16?

Standardization of wiring

  • CBM Pancho-16 allows for the standardization of wiring adapters. DTE / DCE operation is switch selectable from CBM Pancho-16 patch panel's front on an individual port basis.
Elimination of Octal Cables
  • CBM Pancho-16 patch panel eliminates "Spider" cables. Two 68 pin high density cables interface to 16 RJ45 ports thus eliminating the need for octal cables.
Reduction of Rack Mounting Space
  • CBM Pancho-16 is incredibly compact. Minimal cabinet space is required by CBM Pancho-16's one rack unit height (1.75" height x 1" depth x 19" cabinet width) thus conserving precious equipment rack space. Adapters are available to fit 23" and 25" cabinets.




Increased Network Reliability
  • CBM Pancho-16 increases network reliability. The use of straight-through cabling significantly reduces the potential points of failure within the physical layer of the network.
  Reduction in Cost and Installation Time
  • CBM Pancho-16 patch panelcosts less to install. Incorporating CBM Pancho-16 patch panel as the perfect companion for Cisco dramatically reduces installation time because there are fewer cables to sew in. Cisco NM-16A and Cisco NM-32A are registered model numbers of Cisco Systems, Inc.
Ease of Installation in Three Easy Steps

Step 1- Mount CBM Pancho-16 patch panel in the equipment rack.
Step 2- Connect the 68 pin high density cables to the Cisco 16 or 32 port asynchronous module and to the back of CBM Pancho-16 patch panel.
Step 3- Set the DTE / DCE switches to the mode desired for each port's operation and connect the associated RJ45 cables to the network elements.

Switch Selectable DTE / DCE Operation

Each of the 16 individual ports on CBM Pancho-16 operates in either DTE or DCE mode depending on the position of each switch on the front panel. DTE mode is factory preset.


(Cisco NM-16A and Cisco NM-23A are registered model numbers of Cisco Systems, Inc.)


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