IP-Gate Model 2

IP-GATE Model-2 - Transport IP Traffic
Over Your BNS-2000/BNS-2000 VCS Network


For locations that have a Lucent Technologies BNS-2000 Family of Products presence and require an IP connection, the IP-GATE can be used to provide an IP extension cord. Plug in the IP-GATE and it will transport IP traffic from one side of a BNS-2000/BNS- 2000 VCS network to a matching IP-GATE on the other side of the network. Security concerns may arise for network service providers when local IP traffic that is mission critical must traverse public IP networks.The IP-GATE will transport existing IP LAN traffic over a secure (BNS- 2000, BNS-2000 VCS, HDLC compatible) Wide Area Network to a matching IP-GATE on the other side of the network.

What is an IP-GATE?

The IP-GATE is an intelligent gateway that allows IP traffic from a LAN segment to be transported across a WAN. Its principal application is for widely distributed high reliability or high security IP networking. It allows for the presence of an Ethernet segment where there is only a SAM, MPC or Node.

  The IP-GATE is not a bridge. It makes intelligent decisions about what is to be routed and what is not to be routed on the WAN. It works by building prioritized routing tables where traffic that is not local is routed through the WAN. It needs little configuration and does not rely on classical routing protocols.As such, it is not subject to "Routing Flap" failures that are prevalent today.

Interface Support

The IP-GATE supports both RS232-C and V.35 interfaces to the WAN.The LAN segment interface is 10BaseT through a standard RJ45 connector. The interface to the WAN may be configured from 9600 baud through T1 inclusive.




The IP-FANOUT application runs on a Datakit Applications Processor (DKAP) Module. This application performs a distribution function where an IP-GATE located at a remote site is connected to the DKAP via a virtual circuit on the WAN. IP PDUs that emanate from a single IP-GATE at a central home site are sent by the IP- FANOUT application to only the intended remote sites. Because of the IP-GATE unit's ability to make intelligent routing decisions, the IP PDUs are not broadcast throughout the entire WAN.At the remote site, IP-GATE unit(s) connected off of a SAM, MPC or Node pass native IP traffic to the local IP network.

Built-In Flexibility

The compact IP-GATE is available in both stand-alone and rack-mount versions to fit your space and configuration requirements.The IP-GATE is available as either a 115V/220V AC or 48V DC powered unit.

  Smart Network Management

You can manage an IP-GATE via its Console port with a terminal, PC, dial-up modem, or BNS asynchronous connection. Network administrators can access the IP- GATE console port via the StarKeeper® II NMS for configuration and alarm management as well.

Field Software Upgrades

Field software updates, which can occur from a remote location, complete in just a few minutes.


The IP-GATE is an intelligent gateway for the transport of IP over existing WANs. It will transport existing IP LAN traffic over a secure WAN. It can be used with SAMs, MPCs and Nodes and, when used with IP- FANOUT, the IP-GATE can be used for widely distributed IP-based networks.


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