CBM Installation and Staging Services



Over the past decade, CBM of America, Inc. has become a leading provider of Data Network Integrated products. CBM has put together an efficient, experienced installation force providing the telecommunications industry with quality EF&I services. CBM is not only qualified to furnish and install its own equipment, but can also provide a variety of Central Office products from companies such as Lucent Technologies, General Datacomm, Cisco System, Datatek Applications, Fujitsu, Nortel Networks, Applied Innovation, and many more.

CBM's installation teams are skilled professionals who are not only knowledgeable of common installation practices, but are also customer satisfaction focused and safety conscious at all times. Our installation services division has a growing reputation as a work force that pays close attention to detail while also providing the customer with personalized service.

We work diligently at maintaining a high standard of quality installations and as a result have consistently sustained a solid "A" average on our vendor report cards.

  CBM has its own experienced Engineering department to support our Customer's site needs. Our staff starts with a detailed site survey record resulting in the necessary job specs needed for an error free installation process. Where other EF&I companies may need to look outside of their own company to get their work engineered, CBM has brought the entire process of engineering, furnishing, and installation under one roof. This comprehensive package allows CBM to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Over the years, CBM of America, Inc. has been contracted to do a variety of installations for companies of all sizes. We have received many wonderful testimonials to support our quality work. Some of our past satisfied clients include AT&T, AT&T Wireless, Lucent Technologies, Bellsouth Telecommunications, Inc., SBC/Ameritech/SNET, GTE/Bell ATlantic (Verizon), U.S. West (QWEST), Telesector Resource Group, Teleport Communications Group, and Network Plus.



Staging Services


CBM Staging Services offers many benefits to our customers. Our team of engineers, installers and logistics people handle all of your staging needs to your satisfaction. We professionally configure equipment to your specifications, eliminating installation problems.

All of the hardware that CBM Staging Services deals with is "burned in" at our staging facilities, reducing the likelihood of electronic failures after installation. All products are configured and tested at the staging facility ensuring against the delivery of "DOA" products at your site. CBM Staging Services stands behind its staging processes and guarantees that at the completion of your installation, all your components will be ready to perform

Every staging project CBM Staging Services takes on, large or small, is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. A project manager or single point of contact is assigned to every project.

CBM offers the following services for all of our customers:

Assembly of Hardware

CBM will unpack all of your hardware, assemble all components, and mount, fuse, and interconnect all equipment per engineering documentation.


After the assembly of all hardware, the equipment will be powered up for a CUSTOMER-SPECIFIED period of time.


CBM will load ALL software to include any customer addressing and interconnecting per customer requirements.


All products are tested per manufacturer and customer specifications before leaving the staging site.


All staged equipment will be securely repacked as configured units to insure safe arrival and turn-key installation


CBM's professional staff offers staging services in any of our three locations-Deerfield Beach, FL; Atlanta, GA; and Edison, NJ.

Every staging project CBM Staging Services takes on, large or small, is handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Upon completion of your project, you will receive all documentation-including serial numbers of all your equipment for warranty tracking, vendor product documentation, and all product test records-necessary to the maintenance and upkeep of your products.

CBM takes pride in its record of consistently working with customers to get the job done right. CBM Staging Services will tailor our process to fit your company's needs.


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