IP CommKit Host Interface



    IP-CommKit allows any computer with a 10Base-T LAN interface to serve as a CommKit-connected host in a BNS-2000 network.Your application software can be migrated without recompilation.

    IP-CommKit gives you access to the latest host technology, protecting your investment in CO LAN and the Lucent Technologies BNS-2000 Family of Products.

    IP-CommKit simplifies your host-to-network connection with standard interfaces and flexible configuration options, reducing the cost of operations and maintenance.

    What is IP-Commkit?

    IP-CommKit is a new twist on the CommKitģ Host Interface for BNS-2000 and BNS-2000 VCS (a.k.a. Datakitģ II VCS).Where the CommKit Host Interface uses a fiber optic cable to connect the host computer to the BNS node, IP-CommKit uses a 10Base-T LAN. Instead of a fiber interface card in the host computer, IP-CommKit uses the hostís standard LAN interface card. In the BNS node, IP-CommKit replaces the CPM Module with a UTM (Universal Trunk Module) module. All these changes are invisible to the host applications and the BNS network.

    Your host applications and CommKit features behave identically. You donít even need to recompile.

      Supports all CommKit features

    IP-CommKit supports remote login, file and directory transfer, and remote execution, and maintains all CommKit security features for access control, user ID mapping, and file permission. For custom applications and developers, IP-CommKit includes the CommKit library, libdk.so, and supports the Transport Layer Interface.


    IP-CommKit requires no changes to your host applications, your host configuration, or your node configuration.

    Standard Host Hardware

    IP-CommKit uses your hostís standard LAN interface cards, and accesses it exclusively through the drivers provided by the host vendor. This makes it easy to use IP-CommKit with the newest, most powerful hosts.

    Remote Host Location

    With IP-CommKit, the host is no longer bound to the node by the fiber optic cable. Hosts and nodes can be located anywhere with IP network connectivity.



    Flexible Configuration

    IP-CommKit allows a single 10Base-T LAN card in the host computer to connect to as many as eight UTM modules in the BNS node. This configuration is ideal for applications requiring many low-bandwidth circuits. For higher bandwidth, hosts can use up to eight separate LAN interfaces. IP-CommKit is flexible enough to fit your application.

    4096 Virtual Circuits Per Host

    Large applications can exploit the computing power of modern hosts by serving more users. Each UTM module supports 512 virtual circuits. Using eight UTM modules, a single host can serve 4096 virtual circuits.


    In the simplest IP-CommKit application, the host computerís LAN interface is directly connected to the UTM card in a BNS node through a crossover cable.

      High Security

    IP-CommKit does not compromise the security of your BNS-2000 network, even when the host and node are connected through a public network.While the host and node exchange standard UDP datagrams, the contents of these datagrams are encoded with multiple layers of proprietary protocols, leaving even ambitious hackers frustrated.


    IP-CommKit is currently available for NCR MP-RAS 3.02.IP- CommKit will be available for IBMAIX 4.3,HP HP-UX 11.0, LINUX and other operating systems in the near future.



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