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CBMs SmartProto is an improved, multi-device Cisco Smart Cable

The CBM Smart Proto Cable (SPC), a smart serial cable, was specifically designed to provide a smarter multi-protocol Cisco serial cable as an alternative to the "single minded" Cisco Smart Cable. This more intelligent cable can be used by Cisco interface modules that utilize Sub-Mini Nano 26 type connectors, such as the NM 16A/S & WIC-2T modules. The CBM SPC comes in two versions, the DTE (DB25 M) and DCE (DB25 F) which, together; replace over 8 different Cisco cables. The task of determining the right cable for the "right job" is now simpler than ever.

The real benefit of the SPC can be summed up in one word... flexibility. It can be pre-ordered (at lengths other than the Cisco standard 10' length) and pre-installed prior to knowing the required network element interface. At the time of turn-up, the cable can be easily configured to match any network element protocol interface.

  Smart Proto Cable Connector


  • One cable provides five different signaling interfaces, V.35, RS-530A, EIA-530, RS-232, and RS-449. The options are selectable via dip switches built into the SmartProtoCable DB25 connector.

  • The DTE/DCE option is selectable via a dip switch. When the DCE option is chosen, the clocking provided by the Cisco router is passed onto the network element. When the DTE option is chosen, clocking is provided by an intervening element, i.e. modem.


  • SmartProtoCables are stocked at many lengths. But, can also be manufactured to meet specific installation requirements. For shorter cables, (less than 10') it eliminates the need to add cable extensions. Fewer connections improve reliability by reducing the number of possible points of failure in the network.



Saves Initial Installation Time
Protocol interface can be easily changed on the fly without any disassembly, precision soldering, or connector re-assembly.

Saves Post Installation Time
Cable dressing does not need to be disturbed because of an interface change. Just re-option the SPC to match the desired protocol.

Simplifies Ordering Process
A single cable can support up to five different interfaces. All you need to know is the required length.
  Cisco Cable changes are easy to make. By simply changing switch settings, become v.35, rs530a, eia530, rs232, dce or dte.
By simply changing switch settings, become v.35, rs530a, eia530, rs232, dce or dte. Costs Less
Believe it or not, the SPC is comparably priced, and in some cases, depending on the length purchased costs less than the "single minded" Cisco Smart Serial Cable.


Cisco NM-16A/S and WIC-2T are registered model numbers of Cisco Systems, Inc.

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